Brazil Tourist Visa Requirements

Brazil Tourist Visa Service Pricing
Tourist Multiple Entry - valid for 5 years
Processing Period 15 Business Days $197.50 + HST
  • Send/bring valid passport (Valid at least for 6 months from departure date & min. 2 empty pages)
  • One filled out application form ( - Print resulting 1-page PDF file, Sign and Forward to Visa Center. This application form is valid for 1 month only. If due to some reasons you are unable to fill-out on-line application form, we may assist you for an additional fee of CAD35 + tax (this will delay processing by 2 days).
  • One recent Brazillian Visa Photo against white background (5cm x 5cm). (Photo facility is available on-site - TORONTO, OTTAWA, MARKHAM & VANCOUVER). Please note that photos from photo booth or home-shot photos are not acceptable.
  • For non-Canadians - copy of Permanent Resident Card, valid Canadian visa or valid visa to the country of final destination (after Brazil)
  • Travel itinerary (reservation print-outs are acceptable)
  • For travelers under 18 years old: Simple form (needs to be notarized - may be done at our office if both parents coming in person to apply) signed by both parents or legal guardians authorizing the minor to apply for a Brazilian visa along with documents that prove the relationship between the minor and the person(s) giving the authorization (acceptable documents comprise: copy of i.d. from each parent accompanied by copy of the long form of the birth certificate showing the parents' names; death certificate, when applicable and, in the case of sole custody, copy of a judicial document attesting to that). Polio vaccination is mandatory for children between 3 months-old and 6 years-old.
  • Persons WITH DUAL citizenship, ONE of which IS Canadian, must apply WITH their Canadian passports only. Applicants WITH other THAN Canadian passports must provide the copy of the document confirming their current resident STATUS IN Canada (PR Card, Landed Document, WORK Permit). All non-Canadian passport holders must enter Brazil within 90 days from visa issuance date.

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